Two California Men Arrested in Boise for Using Fake Credit Cards

BOISE, Idaho- Two men were pulled over and arrested by Boise police after they used fake credit cards to make multiple purchases in the area. David S. Bonilla, 44, and Hugo R. Aguilar Jr., 35, both from southern California were charged with felony burglary after dozens of fake credit cards were found in their vehicle. Officers saw the men leaving the Boise Towne Square Mall with numerous bags and items that did not match what men their age would purchase. After police warned employees at another store about the men, they were pulled over by Boise police.

The scam that the two men were mixed up in involves stolen credit card numbers, fake IDs, and identity theft. What usually occurs is that legitimate credit card numbers are stolen from individuals and then loadable credit cards are purchased and the stolen credit card numbers are used to replace the original numbers. The cards are used as often as possible usually to purchase gift cards. These scammers usually do not stay in one town more than a few days. Bonilla and Aguilar Jr. are being held on bond and face a preliminary hearing on May 31.


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