Virginia Beach Credit Card Audit Has City On Solid Footing

A recent credit card audit by City Auditor Lyndon Remias has some positive news for Virginia Beach. Employees with city-issued credit cards appear to be doing a responsible job of handling paperwork and getting the authority to use those cards in most cases, but there was some room for improvement.

Just last year, members of the City Council asked for an audit after a local newspaper questioned $15,000 in purchases made by tourism official Reggie Stevenson. Stevenson has since pleaded guilty to embezzlement and is required to reimburse the city for those charges. Stevenson maintains that he was entertaining clients through the dinners, flowers, and trips he took on his card, but police could find no evidence of that.

While the audit did uncover a few cases of city employees using questionable judgment when using their cards, most employees were doing an excellent job of staying within the guidelines. In cases of violations, employees repaid the city and either had a reprimand letter issued or their credit cards suspended.


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