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If you are looking for other great sites to learn more about credit cards and how to be a wise consumer, there are a variety of credit card resource sites to choose from. We have put together a master list of the very best credit card resource sites available online that you can use as a reference in your card research.

American Express (click here) has its own website that can provide you with a wealth of valuable information. If you are interested in finding a new credit card - and you are interested in making it an American Express - you can visit the site and use its "Find a Card" feature. After determining if you are looking for a personal or business credit card, you can then respond to a series of questions and the site will actually tell you which American Express card is best suited for your lifestyle and spending habits. Or, you can choose from a variety of features you would like in your credit card and, once again, you will be directed to the best choices for you.

At (click here), you can learn more about credit cards as well as about many other areas of finance. On the site, you will discover sections about home mortgage, equity, and auto loans. Or, you can read about CDs and investments if you are hoping to find ways to make your money work for you. Need some help finding insurance or financing a college education? can provide you with advice in that area too. In addition to the great advice and the latest news on everything having to do with finances, you can also compare rates for loans, insurance and more. (click here) offers some of the latest news in the credit card industry, ranging from introducing new cards that have entered the market to changes made in current credit cards. In addition, you can take a look at the latest industry data, such as the dollar amounts of funds being charged to the cards of various banks within the industry and even the top ATM manufacturers. There is also a discussion board on the site, making it possible for personal credit card and business credit card holders to gather in one place to discuss the latest trends in the industry. (click here) is a great resource if you are looking to find statistics about various credit cards or to look at trends within the credit industry. The gurus running this site have done such a great job with making predictions within the finance arena that they have been featured on many magazines, news programs, and newspapers. The site also offers newsbytes about the latest happenings in the industry.

If you are simply looking for a new credit card to add to your wallet, you might also want to use to help you in your search. One of the features offered on the site allows you to search for a credit card based on your needs. If you are looking for a reward card, for example, you can simply click on that category to learn about various credit cards that offer rewards to their customers. In this way, you can narrow down your searches and zero in on the card that is best for you.

One popular credit card provider is Citibank (click here). At their site, located at, you can learn more about the various cards they have to offer. Here, you can also learn about other financial services offered by the company, such as banking, loans, investments, and insurance.

Even if you aren't interested in becoming a Citibank cardholder or utilizing their other services, you can find plenty of helpful information on the site. For example, the site offers articles providing advice on getting a loan, paying your taxes, making investments, saving for retirement, and even on making improvements to your home. It also offers convenient calculators to help you determine what your payments will be on various loans or the rate of return you can expect on your investments.

If you are interested in learning just about everything there is to know about a credit card, you might want to visit and read their credit card article. You won't find much in the way of advice on how to use your credit card here. Instead, you will learn about the history of the credit card, how credit cards work, and the security features credit cards have in place in order to prevent fraud and identity theft.

You can also learn more about the various terms used within the credit card industry, such as "grace period" and "secured credit cards." The article provided at Wikipedia is a great starting point when learning about credit cards, as it provides a simple overview of many aspects that can then be explored further at a later time. (click here) provides information regarding credit cards available in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In addition, every card offered through the website accepts online applications, so you can find your perfect card and apply for it online all at the same time. The site also offers a helpful guide that discusses the basics of credit cards and provides information about how to select the card that is best for you. In addition, it offers a discussion board where topics such as how to select a card and how to get approved for a card are discussed, as well as consumer views about various credit cards currently being offered.

At (click here), you can search through a convenient database of credit cards that has been sorted into various categories, including cards that are ideal for balance transfers and reward credit cards. After clicking on the category of your choice, you will see a brief and easy to follow summary of the credit cards offered within that category. To learn more about a particular card, you only need to click on its title. Aside from the credit card selector, you can also read a number of helpful articles as well as news regarding the credit industry. To truly remain up-to-date, you can also sign up for their newsletter.

While researching credit cards, you can also go direct to the source by visiting Discover Card's site at (click here). Here, you can read about all of the cards the company has to offer and you can easily compare the various features and benefits they offer. You can also apply for the card of your choice on the secure web portal as well. Here, you can also learn about home loans through Discover and read some advice articles on choosing a home loan. Or, you can learn about how you can access a financial advisor through Discover in order to make investments to help secure a solid financial future for yourself.

Located at, the Federal Reserve Board provides a wealth of information for the serious consumer. Here, you can take a look at information such as exchange rates and financial information about countries around the world, information that can have an impact on finances in the United States as well. You can also learn more about the structure of banks and important information about interest rates and delinquency rates - for loans and for credit cards. You can also read the latest news in the world of finance, directly from the original source.

The Federal Trade Commission at offers a variety of information, including an entire section on credit. Here, you can read some of the latest news in the industry or read helpful articles providing sound financial advice. You can also visit this website in order to file a complaint if you feel you have been denied credit due to discrimination or if your credit report has been handled unfairly. You can also learn more about Federal laws that protect you, such as the Fair Debt Collection Act or how to receive your free annual credit report.

At (click here), you can learn about all of the cards the company has to offer as well as read news releases and the latest information about the company. In addition, you can perform a search on credit cards that are available through MasterCard. These cards are conveniently broken down into various categories so you can click on the category that best suits your needs and explore the cards that are available within the category. The site also offers articles containing useful information, such as how to stay out of debt and how to keep your credit card secure.

At MBNA's website, located at (click here), you can search through all of the cards offered by the company according to your needs. Looking for business credit cards? Then click on the business card link to see a list of business cards they offer. Or, explore their offerings in student credit cards, reward credit cards, and more. You can also take a look at their loan offerings, which include debt consolidation, home, and auto loans.

If you aren't interested in getting a card or a loan through MBNA, you can still browse through their helpful articles. These articles include guides for protecting yourself from fraud, managing your credit, and how to report a lost or stolen credit card.

The MSN CreditCard Analyzer (click here) is a handy tool to keep saved in your Internet favorites folder. On this site, you can select the characteristic that is most important to you in a credit card and the site will bring up dozens of credit cards that fit that criteria. Then, click on "details" and you can view just about anything you would want to know about the credit card, including benefits, APR, and applicable fees. While at the site, you can also search for a bank for a savings account or a checking account. Or, learn more about where you can purchase a CD and how much interest you will earn on it.

At Yahoo's CreditCard Center (click here), you can search through nearly 200 different credit cards in order to find the one that is best for you. By selecting the category of credit card type you are interested in, such as a card with a low APR, you can narrow down you choices after viewing a quick summary list that provides you with key points - such as the APR and whether or not the card has an annual fee. After selecting the cards you think you might be interested in, you can then request a side-by-side comparison of the cards. This comparison contains even more detail to help you with your decision. You can also read the latest news in the credit industry as well as many helpful articles on the site.

At (click here), you can select the option to find a card. From here, you can choose to narrow your search according to a variety of features. If you already know what provider you want to get a card through, for example, you can click this section and be provided with all of the Visa cards currently being offered by that particular provider. Another option is to search according to the type of card you are interested in, such as a secured card or a reward card. The site also provides step-by-step instructions for reporting identity theft and fraud, as well as other helpful articles to help keep you and your card safe.

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